SMIF N WESSUN Bucktown 360 (7")



Tek and Steele make a 360-degree homage to their beloved Brooklyn with two of 'Bucktown's' original producers, DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz. Taking you down memory lane with the results, the experiences of this hip hop duo feed into the music and lend an extra air of authenticity to it. The original is a hard hitting tune with big boom bap beats and raw rhymes next to smart samples. Flip it over for the paired back instrumental but really, why would you ever drop this without the slick verses. SMIF N WESSUN Bucktown 360 (7") Nervous US Cat: FNR 360. Rel: 01 Mar 21 Hip Hop/R&B Bucktown 360 (4:25) Bucktown 360 (instrumental) (4:24)